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Highly Converting WhiteBoard or Scribe Videos are a must for Engagement Marketing… We tell your story and they listen!

With WhiteBoard.Crusader you can be sure to beat out the competition not only with a catchy explainer video, but with a video campaign that will snuff out your adversary. We build targeted marketing campaigns with your scribe video poised on the front lines of your “Crusade to Lead Capture!” We want to not only hand over a custom forged weapon… We want to help you wield it with force! Video should be the biggest tool in your arsenal, and with WhiteBoard.Crusader, you can rest easy knowing that together, we will hit the mark.

The Battle of the Explainer Video:

We build out every animation with a few things in mind…

  • What Is The Message“?

  • What Is “The Tone“?  

  • Who Is “The Hero“?

  • Who Is “The Audience“?

  • How can we “Create and Satisfy Desire“?

Only then can we build out the perfect script,voice over, and storyboard for your highly converting animated marketing weapon. With conversion in mind we too concern ourselves with your Ranks… Google Ranks that is! We fully optimize every bit of the battle and ensure flawless victory in the “War of the Search Engines”. Followed up with strategically designed funnels devised specifically for lead capture, sales, advertising, teaching, etc… thus informing the targeted masses that you are here for battle and to lay siege to their woes and afflictions. 


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Your Brand, Our WhiteBoard:

We carefully match your brand elements when building your video and make sure that we are keeping true to the regime that you’ve built. All the way from carefully selecting the perfect voice over talent, to scowering our vast media library for just the right score(music) to lull your viewers into peaceful and welcome submission. Every aspect of the WhiteBoard.Crusader video build-out is of the utmost importance and you can be certain that we mean to conquer it with extremely astute prejudice. We want your WhiteBoard Video to embolden your audience to engage with you and we fully intend, right from the beginning, the realization that they have come to the right place and that they have found exactly what they have hungered for in your animation.

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Your Adversaries:

Your Competition may have a neat, kitschy website. Or even a pretty nifty explainer video talking about what they offer. What they don’t have is a Video Campaign that is targeted right at the hearts of their potential customers and clients! With WhiteBoard.Crusader you’ll take down your adversaries with the precision and accuracy of a painstakingly targeted video campaign. Using all of the marketing weaponry in our arsenal, with the knowledge and skill to wield it, we will devise a plan of attack to dominate your market while feeding your product to the hungry masses.

five-star-reviewWhat Our Allies(customers) are Saying About Us!

Jenny creel – “Working with Bucky is easy. He is full of fun and vibrant ideas, that make you want more for your company. He stays up-to-date with technology, design and trends. I can’t say enough good things about working with him.”

Elizabeth Yockman – “Honestly, Bucky is the first person I think of when I need anything business/website related. He’s a marketing genius, with innovative ideas that are well received by consumers and will aid in the growth of any business, it certainly did mine. Reliable, knowledgeable, & affordable–three of the most important things for any small business owner!”

Amber Pierce – “Bucky has turned my website into a visually stunning and highly functional tool for promoting my music and connecting with fans, venues and press. He has also helped organize all of my other social media outlets that I use for my music, given great advise on other marketing tools and also offers high quality marketing merchandise with a fast turn around and competitive pricing.”

Brian Richards “Bucky helped me form a marketing plan for one of my locations and it’s doing great. Id highly recommend working with. Seriously hard worker and great guy!”

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Take your 1st step in becoming a WhiteBoard.Crusader by clicking on the old man above! Then, fill out the form… This will get you into our system and we’ll get further into the process with you!

Pricing: What is Waging this Campaign Going To Cost Me?!

I’m glad you asked… the answer isn’t that simple though. Alright Let’s Get Serious…*put’s on serious business face*

Here are a few things we take into consideration when we price WhiteBoard.Crusader videos.

  • How Long or Short is The Video
  • Is the Explainer Video Black and White Only?
  • Does It need a Splash of color?
  • Is It ALL done Up In Color?
  • Does it need a Premier Voice Over? 
  • Do we write the Copy/Script or do you?
  • Do we need a Custom Music Bed?
  • …the list goes on and on!

That’s why we can’t just throw out a price and say “give us the money and we’ll make your video…” But, what we can do is give you a chance to answer a few easy questions and get the proverbial ball rolling! If you’re ready to do that and tired of reading just CLICK HERE. If you want to read some more then here you go!

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Here’s a Few Things We Want You To Think About Before Waging Your Campaign.

The Basics:

  • A WhiteBoard Video Should Tell A Compelling Story!

Who is the “victim” in the story?

Why do they suffer?

Are You the “Hero”?

Is Your Product the “Hero”?

  • Your Video Should be Designed To Convert.

What is your plan with the video?

What do you need the video to do for you?

Is it for sales?

How is your video going to get you sales?

Is your video optimized for converting a viewer into a lead and then into a client?

  • Know Your Audience and Have Plan!

We want your WhiteBoard.Crusader Video To Succeed!

But, “How Does WhiteBoard.Crusader Help me Succeed?” you ask?

I’ll tell you how! …We’re Magic! Okay we’re not magic but GOOGLE sure seems to think we are. …and YouTube! Actually if I’m being completely honest, they may not think we’re magic but we must at least know what we’re doing because we are ranking videos on the FIRST page of GOOGLE and YouTube for all types of popular search terms! That’s actually how we can help you initially… We do all the necessary magic work to optimize every video that we produce so that GOOGLE sees it as worthy of their good graces on the front page of GOOGLE and YouTube search. GUESS WHAT!!! We do it for FREE! Well not free, but it’s rolled into our pricing and we make sure that once it goes Live on YouTube, the Search Engines can find it and Love It as much as you do. This is something that we feel should be done and we don’t change our minds on that! You’ll get a the YouTube URL Link as well as the Embed Code for your optimized video.(don’t worry you’ll also get a video file too) You can then use it wherever your little heart desires… but whatever you do, don’t let it just sit on your webpage or on your facebook business page and think “Cool, I’ve got a pretty sweet WhiteBoard Video… I hope it makes me some money!”

Because you know what, It Won’t!

“So how can I make money with a WhiteBoard.Crusader video?!”

Again, I’m Glad You Asked! *winks awkwardly, points finger gunz*

We don’t just make whiteboard videos for a living. …that would be pretty frickin’ sweet, but the other stuff we do is still just as awesome! To find out those goodies you’re gonna have to commit already and click on the old man below!


Take your 1st step in becoming a WhiteBoard.Crusader by clicking on the old man above! Then, fill out the form… This will get you into our system and we’ll get further into the process with you!

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